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Anti-Fracking campaigners pledge to fight fracking in Bolton

January 19, 2017



Campaigners in Bolton have pledged to block any attempts to extract shale gas from the Bolton area.

Bolton against Fracking (BAF) and a number of other organisations and individuals have united together to in a bid to protect Bolton from shale gas hydraulic fracturing.


The controversial process of fracking involves digging vertical and horizontal wells, setting off explosive devices along the horizontal shafts to create fractures in the earth and pumping saline water and chemicals under pressure in to the well before extracting the water to stimulate gas flow.


BAF members have voiced their concerns about the impact this will have on the environment, local wild life and air pollution but the biggest concern comes from the risk to public health.


Sarah-Jane a BAF member said "We have seen where fracking has been done in other countries water has been polluted, cases of children with cancers such as leukemia have significantly increased in the immediate area and general health problems have developed in people living near by" 


The Anti-Fracking campaigners have been involved in multiple campaign activities over the last 18 months from raising awareness, protesting and signature collecting for their petition across Bolton but a spokesperson for the group said "We must now move the campaign up to the next level as the attempt to Frack our land is inevitable. We are preparing for a phase that will see us take a more strategic role to combat the shale companies when they arrive." The statement comes just days after a Bolton company A.E Yates Ltd started work on the infrastructure of the Preston new road fracking site in Blackpool.  


In August 2015 council leader Cliff Morris indicated that Bolton Council would not allow fracking in Bolton as a starting point. He did warn however that the government could still allow fracking regardless of the councils opposition.


Anyone wishing to get involved with the Anti Fracking campaign can get in contact via the Bolton against fracking Facebook page.









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