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Storm at Dawn for Bolton Fracking company

January 23, 2017

Anti-Fracking campaigners - Bolton against Fracking Stormed Civil engineering company A E Yates in a surprise dawn operation.




The Anti-Fracking group moved in to position at the break of dawn early Monday morning catching the civil engineering company by surprise. Activists erected giant banners, placards and signs in front of the works entrance before the majority of employees had arrived. 


The Group joined by other activists held a planned demonstration similar to this one on Friday were they caused major delays to vehicle leaving the plant, some of which were heading to a controversial fracking site on Preston New road in Little Plumpton, Lancashire. Campaigners at the Preston New road site said this had a knock-on effect delaying a concrete delivery that was vital to continue the operations at the Caudrilla owned site. 

The event had not been announced and was not initially policed until A E Yates contacted Greater Manchester Police. The police dispatched a covert operation vehicle to assess the situation and observe the crowd before drafting in two former Barton Moss (anti-fracking camp) Liaison Officers for evidence gathering and to help facilitate the protest. 



Greater Manchester Police later deployed a Tactical aid unit (TAU) after A E Yates had informed them that they intend to dispatch a number of trucks from the site. 


The Activists allowed the trucks to leave the plant but led them out marching slowly in front of the vehicles with large flags, placards and drums causing more major delays. The TAU protected the vehicles during the march which ended peacefully. 


Bolton Against Fracking have indicated they will continue to protest at the site until A E Yates withdraws from the Caudrilla site.  They are also holding a family friendly community awareness event and protest on Saturday 28th of January at the Spirit of Sport culture Roundabout near the Macron stadium in Horwich.


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