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Theresa May calls snap election but how will the people of Bolton Vote?

April 21, 2017


Theresa May surprised the nation after doing a U-turn on the date she had set to hold a general election.


May who said she would not be calling a general election until 2020 announced this week that she would now be calling an election on June 8th 2017 in a U-turn that surprised many people including Tory ministers. 


May said the reason she had done a U-turn and called a snap election was to secure a Brexit mandate. A move that could see the Conservative government win the General election say many Brexiteers. 


The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said he would back the call for a general election but many critics say that the timing of the election couldn’t have been any worse for him. Its come at a time when Mr Corbyn is facing many challenges not least from his own back benchers.


The Prime minister is said to be capitalising on a 21 point lead in the opinion polls. We asked the people of Bolton how they will be voting and here is what some of them said.


Simon from Great lever - "Labour is the only choice. The conservatives have implemented cut after cat after cut and we can’t take any more."


Joanna from Horwich - "I voted for Brexit and Teresa May is the only hope we have for securing the best deal possible so I will be voting Conservative."


Mick from Horwich - "They are all the same no matter who you vote for so I may as well vote UKIP."


Lisa from Great Lever - "I have always voted Labour but after what they have done in Bolton I will never vote for them again. I don’t know who I will be voting for but it definitely will not be them."


Savita from Daubhill - "I will be voting Labour. They have are the best party for the people not like the current government"


James from Little lever - "UKIP are the only party that will do anything, everyone should vote UKIP"


Danielle from Rumworth - "I hate the Tory party but to be honest but May has done a good job. She said she will deliver Brexit and she has done so I will be sticking with her I think."


Louise from Halliwell - "They all lie to us and to get our vote. I normally vote Labour but I don’t think I will bother this time maybe the I will vote for the Green party."


Phillip from Deane - The Labour party, Green party and the Lib-dems are all trying to get us back in the EU and wont negotiate a good deal for us when we finally leave the EU so the only safe option for any Brexit voter like me is to vote for Conservative. 

It looks like the polls may be right for once - at least for now. Take our election poll and tell us how you will be voting on June 8th 2017.


poll is open until June 7th 2017




Send Bolton RISE your views and we will publish the during the election campaign.


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