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Bolton and Wigan Diggers unite to fight fracking

April 21, 2017



The Bolton and Wigan branch of the "Diggers" have vowed to unite together to help in the the fight against fracking.


The organisation which was founded in the 17th century by Gerrard Winstanley a Wigan born Textile trader believe the earth was made a common treasury for all and on Monday the 24th April they will stand united alongside other organisations and individuals to protect the earth and its people against fracking. 


The event will take place at the controversial fracking site on Preston new road in little Plumpton Lancashire. 


Stephen Hall a Wigan Diggers committee member and one of the event organisers said "We don't think Gerrard Winstanley would approve of fracking one bit. He wouldn't have just sat idly by and let it happen either. So, being his latter day followers, we want to add our support to the fantastic work of Bolton Against Fracking, Frack Free Wigan, Leigh & Makerfield and the many other local and national campaign groups and individuals who are doing their utmost to resist and hopefully, ultimately stop the roll out of fracking in Britain and everywhere else.

We are concentrating our efforts on the 24th April on building solidarity with campaigners at Preston new road from the Bolton and Wigan Metro areas. As well as ourselves, we will also be taking food and clothing.


Another great bunch of folk from Bells Angels Cycling Club have also organised their next 'club ride' between Maple Farm and Wensleys Farm, Preston New Road on the same day and will be cycling 'en masse' up and down Preston new road throughout the day. This will be past the fracking site where Cuadrilla plan to start fracking later this year. We will be supporting them, and other local campaigners, as well as doing our own stuff.


Last year Bolton based company A E Yates announced that it had won a £1.5 million pound contract to build the fracking platform at the Preston new road site. The company have been at the center of a number of protest and direct action since the announcement. 


Transport food an refreshments are being provided for the event with coaches calling at Bolton, Hindley, Atherton and Wigan. The diggers are appealing for people to join them to help safe guard Lancashire's environment and protect peoples health and well being."


More information about the event can be found on the Facebook event page. can also find out more information about the Wigan Diggers on via the website


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