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Greenpeace shut down Cuadrilla fracking site

May 3, 2017

    Photography by Philip Malone



As the morning rush hour got underway across Lancashire something other than business as usual was happening at Caudrilla's shale gas extraction site in Little Plumpton near Blackpool. 


No fewer that 20 Greenpeace protesters evaded the police and security at the fracking site on Preston new road in Lancashire to assemble in front of the site entrance armed with brightly coloured yellow boxes proudly displaying the Lancashire rose emblem and anti-fracking messages. The boxes contained devices that enabled the campaigners to lock themselves together via a tube like structure running through the centre of the box. A method known as "Locking on" often used as a method of protest.


The action caused the controversial fracking site to grind to a halt, unable to accept any deliveries to the site which are vital for the progression of the development of the shale gas platform. The work on the platform is being undertaken by a Bolton civil engineering firm A E Yates Ltd which was also subjected to direct action this morning when a number of protesters "Locked on" at the Bolton site causing disruption to its operations.


Today has been the second day of action this week resulting in the closure of the Preston new road site in Little plumpton, Lancashre. Yesterday anti-fracking protesters "locked on" outside the site not only closing down the site but closing Preston new road. A move that the protesters claimed they had no other alternative to as Lancashire police had failed to facilitate other means of peaceful protest.


Greenpeace said they were taking today's action to protest against the destructive industry right on peoples doorsteps across the UK. 

Photography by Philip Malone

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