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Bolton set to vote Labour after Manifesto launch

May 16, 2017


The Labour party in Bolton make gains following the official launch of the parties manifesto today.


Following Theresa Mays call for a snap general election just a few weeks ago the people of Bolton had mixed views on who they would be voting for with the Conservatives taking the lead in our early Polls.


Today following the launch of Labours manifesto the Polls seem to have taken a u-turn as the people of Bolton warm to Jeremy Corbyn’s policies.  


Jeremy Corbyn today tried to sell his Manifesto to the nation calling it a manifesto “for the many not the few” Pledging to change the country for the better.

Some of the Key points were

  • A new economic strategy, promising to rewrite the rigged system closing tax loop holes and investing in the nation.

  • Increasing corporation tax and income tax for those earning over £80,000 a year.

  • A £250 million investment in infrastructure, broadband, Utilities and promising to complete the HS2 rail link.

  • A commitment to low carbon energy, investing in renewable's and banning fracking in the UK.

  • Creation of a national education service.

  • Extending the 30 hours free childcare to all two year olds.

  • Investment in schools.

  • Better employment rights including a ban on zero hour contracts, 4 new public holidays and a repeal of the trade union act.

  • Scraping of the sanctions regime, Bedroom tax and reinstating housing benefits for under 21's.

  • Building at least 100,000 new council homes each year and 4000 additional homes for homeless people.

  • £30 Billion investment in the NHS.

  • 10,000 More police officers and 3000 new fire fighters.

All this will come from an increase in tax, a clamp down of tax avoidance and additional borrowing of £30 Billion but the biggest Question is what Labour will do on Brexit.


The full manifesto can be found via the link


The Labour party Manifesto stated “Labour accepts the referendum result and a Labour government will put the national interest first.”

It goes on the say “We will end Theresa May’s reckless approach to Brexit, and seek to unite the country around a Brexit deal that works for every community in Britain”


The Manifesto also states it will scrap the Brexit white paper introduced by the conservatives and have close negotiations with the EU with a view to retaining the benefits to the single market.


It also stated “A Labour government will immediately guarantee existing rights for all EU nationals living in Britain and secure reciprocal rights for UK citizens who have chosen to make their lives in EU countries.”


Sammie from Westhougthon said “The manifesto does not reveal much about Brexit other than give an indication that we could be led in to the pockets of the EU at our own peril”


Despite this the general mood in Bolton towards the manifesto was positive and warmly welcomed.


Labour has taken the lead in our Poll by 33 points after the conservatives initially leading the poll.





Derek from the Hough said “I will be voting for Labour on June the 8th. I was initially undecided after being a life-long Labour supporter especially with the shambles of our local Labour council however, Today Jeremy Corbyn has made a number of pledges that are right for our country, for its people and for social justice.”


Paula from Great lever said “I don’t know if Jeremy Corbyn will be true to his word but if he is it will be good for our country. We need a change and he’s making a lot of promises so let’s hope he keeps them. I guess I will be voting for him."


Barry from Deane said “JC will be getting my vote. The conservatives have destroyed this country with its cuts and policies anything has to be better than them”


Steve from Rumworth said “Labour is our only hope. The policies set out by Jeremy Corbyn are what the country has been crying for”


Corbyn fever seemed to be spreading across Bolton not everyone was convinced.


Lee from Halliwell said “They all lie. I don’t believe a word Corbyn or anyone else says if I vote I will be voting UKIP.”


Howard from Horwich said “The Conservatives will ensure a smooth Brexit that is in the best interest for the UK and that’s why I will be voting Conservative.


Lisa from Little lever said “I will consider voting for the Greens but I have not made up my mind yet”


The Manifesto seemed to offer some refreshing pledges but the Green party candidate for Bolton South Alan Johnson said the manifesto was "almost a word for word copy of the manifesto the Green Party stood on in general election 2015 with the exception of Trident, were Corbyn has his hands tied" 

Alan expressed how glad he was that the Labour party had finally caught up to the Greens on these social and economic issues but said "They still fell short when it came to climate change and the environment."

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